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Shaun Rickard

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 ....if anyone out there is ever in need of a rebuilt power head, I would highly recommend that you contact Bryan Hinkle at Hinkle Marine in the US. He provides a quality product and great customer service, and in my case he saved me over $3,500 on the cost of a rebuilt power head here in Canada. They also offer a core refund for your old power head, something you will not find here in Canada. Here’s a link to his website: http://www.hinklemarine.com – And before you ask, no Bryan did not pay me to say this lol! I simply found him to be a fair, helpful and honest guy, and his company a pleasure to deal with, two qualities I find increasingly hard to find these days.




Guys, now that they are sponsors, I want to throw some props over to Bryan @ Hinkle Marine . .

My LU went out and these guys went above and beyond to get me the part when I needed it. I was out of the country on business and had planned to fish a BFL tourney the next weekend. I sent them an email on Sunday and to my surprise, immediately got a reply and a phone call. I wanted to pay cash for the parts, so Bryan actually drove for an hour to pick up the money from my wife and get the part ordered. If you have ever waited on parts to get your rig back up and running, and you are out of town until the day before the tourney, you know how nervous I was about this whole deal. The part was correct, it was at my door when he said it would be and I was back up and running a day early for pre-fishing (though it didn't help!  ).

Bryan didn't have to treat me this way, but they did because they fish tournaments too and understand what it means to keep our rigs running. In my opinion, they are model BBC'rs and fine sportsmen and I'm proud to see they are sponsors.

Thanks guys!

Javelin Renegade 20 DC Johnson 225 HO
5/8/2008 I ordered a lower unit from him a month ago. Great price and fast shipping. Couldn't be happier.


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